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Donations are never expected but they are always greatly appreciated as they help to keep the game servers running and the community alive.

Without donations, it becomes very difficult financially. Servers aren’t free (or cheap) and the larger the community, the more powerful the server must be in order to provide a reliable and stable environment.

Admins volunteer their time freely – they do not get paid in anyway, shape or form. 100% of all donations goes towards keeping the community alive.

We are not a ‘pay to win’ or ‘pay to play’ server and no special or preferential treatment will be received because of a donation. If you make a donation, you do so freely and without any expectations of receiving something in return.

To donate via PayPal, click here.

If you don’t have PayPal and/or would prefer to donate via Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer instead, you can do so using the PayID email address provided below.

All banks are slightly different, but the option to transfer money via PayID is usually under the Transfer and/or Pay Anyone menus.

Once your found the PayID option, enter the email address stellardayz@pm.me

Donation Perks

If you donate, you may receive custom jackets and base flags as a thank you, however these are limited in numbers and will only be provided on a first come first serve basis.